ADT Review

ADT is America’s Largest Home Security Provider and offers a variety of different plans and ways to protect your home…
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ADT is the oldest home security company in America, and in the entire industry.  ADT has provided a variety of security services for homeowners for over 145 years. As technology has advanced over the years, the capabilities and effectiveness of ADT’s products has evolved as well in order to provide the best-in-class home security options available.

You can compare & contrast several different packages with ADT – packages start with a basic option that includes 24/7 monitoring with simple and effective door and window sensors, and then there are multiple upgrades available like motion detectors, video doorbell cameras, indoor ADT cameras, remote access capabilities and more still…


Overview of ADT Services:

Plans Available: Home Security, Video Cameras, Remote Access, Smart Home Automation

Pricing: Prices are based on individual packages

  • Secure Package: (The Basic Plan) $45.99
  • Smart Package: (Best for Home Automation) $49.99
  • Complete Package: (Best option if you want video surveillance) $57.99

Length of Contracts: Multi-Year Contract Lengths

National Coverage: 50 States

Service Fees: $99-$199 (free for qualified buyers)

Equipment Costs: Typically, around $599 (Financing available)

Other Benefits:

  • 24/7 monitoring and surveillance
  • Money-back guarantee for 6 months

Features: What kind of Services does ADT offer?


ADT Secure Package – $45.99/month

For any Homeowner who prefers a simple home security system, this plan includes door and window sensors plus up to two motion detectors, along with a touchscreen security panel and 24/7 alarm monitoring at no extra charge


ADT Smart Package – $49.99/month

If you are the type of homeowner who likes convenience or enjoys the ease of other “Smart Devices and Mobile Apps,” this Smart Package plan is right for you. The Smart Package includes the same door and window sensors as the secure plan, but in addition offers a smart lock, remote access and customizable alerts, which you can control using the app from your mobile phone.


ADT Complete Package – $57.99/month

If having video surveillance inside or outside of your home is a priority, then the Complete Package plan builds onto the Smart Package by including an indoor ADT camera and a video doorbell camera you can access through the mobile app as well.

NOTE: All plans include 24/7 home monitoring services

Pros of ADT

  • Multiple custom security packages available
  • Six-month money-back guarantee
  • Free installation available along with free service and repairs


Cons of ADT

  • Cancellation fees are incurred for breaking contracts
  • Requires a contract – often times multi-year contract

How to get Started:

ADT has been servicing American Homeowners for almost 150 years now so they will usually have the right product package or discounted options/promotions to fit anyone’s personal need for home security – whether you live in an apartment, townhome or single-family house.

We always know when ADT is offering discounts and savings opportunities to new customers. Prices typically start at $45.99 per month but to see the most recent Sales Promotions offered by ADT, Click Here

Things to Consider:


Installation Fees 

All ADT Packages and Plans include professional installation by a certified ADT installer. They will come to your home to install, connect and confirm that all of your sensors, cameras and mobile apps operate correctly before they leave. They will also provide instructions on the use and maintenance of all systems. Based on a credit score inquiry, you may qualify for free installation (check your credit score here before you get a quote). If you do not qualify for free installation however, typical installation fees cost between $99-$199 for your household.


Equipment Costs

Equipment costs vary based on the package you choose and any custom additions you might prefer (like extra sensors for example). Standard equipment costs generally start at around $599 total, but ADT offers financing options that can be paid along with your monthly bill that are as low as $9.98 per month.

The Final Call:


ADT has always been our favorite choice for the best Home Security System Available  

Despite the fact that ADT is not the cheapest home security option on the market, they offer one of the widest arrays of equipment options available. You “get what you pay for” when it comes to protecting your home and family with these types of services. ADT is the largest and most trusted home security provider in the industry, and with their universal 24/7 monitoring service included in every package they offer, homeowners can always rest easy when they trust ADT to help protect their home.

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