Andersen Windows Review

Andersen Windows is one of the largest and most trusted window replacement companies in the nation. Their windows are energy efficient and can help save homeowners money in the long-run…
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Andersen Windows is one of the largest replacement window manufacturers in North America and known for their high-quality windows. Andersen is perhaps the most recognizable name in the window business. Andersen has tiers of window quality starting at the most affordable 100 series, a mid-tier price point 200 series, a higher quality 400 series, and highest priced but beautiful Architectural series. Regardless of the type, size, and style of window you desire, Andersen offers something to fit your budget. Their replacement windows also last longer than windows offered by cheaper brands.


Overview of Anderson Windows Services:

Plans Available:  Replacement windows and doors 

Pricing: Pricing is based on the size and style of each window and how many windows you need replaced

National Coverage: 50 States

Service Fees: There can also be installation fees for each project, but make sure to research deals Anderson is having because they constantly offer new customer promotions… 



    Andersen’s line of replacement windows includes 35 different window types for home window installation. There are window types and styles to meet the specific requirements of every window repair or replacement project. Andersen windows have multiple optional customizations available, such as operational styles, color options, wood frame types, and shapes. One of the most common styles of windows is the Andersen double-hung window, with two window sashes in a single frame. Both sashes slide up and down to open and a single sash tilts for easy cleaning. Variations of this window exist within each series available at Andersen. The average cost for an Andersen double hung window ranges from $200 to $400 per window depending on the upgrades you choose for your window and desired series. The cost to install a single Andersen double-hung window could range from $300 to $550 depending on local service costs, frame type, and any other upgrades you may choose.

      Features: What kind of Windows does Andersen offer?


      Andersen Windows offers five different window series that each lend their own unique look and features to your home the 100 series, 200 series, 400 series, A-series, and the premium E-series with Verilock sensor technology. Each Andersen window series comes at a different price point and offers higher quality features for each price tier. For example, a standard double-hung window in the more affordable Andersen 100 series would cost around $200, while the Andersen 400 series would cost around $400 per double hung window. 


      100 Series

      Andersen 100 Series windows are the cheapest and most affordable offered by the brand. They are built with Fibrex composite material, an alternative to vinyl which is twice as strong and rigid, never needs painting, and is very energy efficient. 


      200 Series

      The 200 Series of windows is the best seller at Andersen Windows & Doors. These windows are made with the same high-quality standards of every window Andersen produces, but at a budget-friendly installation price point. The durable Perma-Shield exteriors never require paint, and the low-maintenance natural wood window frame is built with pine, and feature a white interior.


      400 Series

      The 400 Series is a traditionally designed line of windows built with Perma-Shield exteriors, and offers seven exterior colors, natural pine or white interiors, and a diverse line of structural designs to choose from. This series is highly customizable, and offers a range of options for every home style.



      Andersen designed the windows in the A-series to be easily customized to fit authentically with the architectural look of any home. Along with various structural options, the windows in this series are available in hundreds of combinations of eleven exterior colors and natural pine, maple, or oak interiors which can be finished in multiple ways. They can also be made more energy efficient and weather resistant with the option of being fitted with double or triple pane glass.



      The E-Series is Andersen’s custom-crafted window line. Working with the professionals at Andersen, builders and homeowners can create virtually any window to fit the needs of their project. All windows built within this series include VeriLock integrated security sensors, a smart home security feature unique to this series.

      How to get Started:

      To get started, visit the Andersen Windows website to sign up for a free quote. This will only take a minute. From there you will be contacted by an Andersen Windows employee to better understand your exact needs for replacement windows or doors. 

      After the initial consultation, you can choose a time for their team to come out and complete the projects you need done. Make sure to ask about financing options as well because Andersen often times offers various payment models.


      Things to Consider:


      • Make sure you know the size of each window you need replaced
      • Do your research on which type of windows you want from Andersen’s product options

      The Final Call:

      Whatever your architectural, style, and budget needs, Andersen makes windows that will fit every window project. With a wide range of prices and styles available for their high-quality windows, you are sure to find exactly what you need with Andersen.