Best Debt Consolidation Companies

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BEST overall

National Debt Relief has helped millions of Americans get out of debt with their customizable consolidation programs for a variety of different types of debt. They remain our #1 pick as a debt partner

Best for customer support

ClearOne Advantage continues getting new customers due to their first class customer service. It is comforting to have a debt pro walk you through how to get out of debt

best for tax debt

Dealing with the IRS to settle tax debt can be very scary. Fidelity Tax Relief can take this burden off your shoulders by helping consolidate your existing tax debt and help you deal with the IRS

best for credit card debt

Most Americans have credit card debt. Accredited Debt Relief has several ways to help you consolidate your existing credit card debt and reduce your monthly payments and interest owed

Most Americans have some sort of debt or a combination of many forms of different types of debt. Paying off all of your debt can be a challenge but there are many debt consolidation companies out there that specialize in helping people reduce their overall payments with specialized programs.

Total household debt in America is over $13 Trillion already according to the New York Fed. The total debt amount continues to increase each year. Meanwhile, the Federal Reserve reports that consumer debt has also increased to over $4 Trillion. 

Certain debt consolidation companies cater to specific types of debt like tax debt, credit card debt and more. Lets take a look at some of 2021’s best debt consolidation programs that can save you thousands of dollars per year.



Millions of Americans have trusted NDR to consolidate their debt into one smaller payment each month. Discover how you can become debt free with customized options from NDR.

What Kinds of Debt Can I Consolidate?

Debt Consolidation loans are one big loan that allows you to pay off multiple other loans you already have, often times with a lower interest rate to save you money. There are many different kinds of debt that can be consolidated


  • Credit Cards
  • Unsecured Loans
  • Tax Debt
  • Payday Loans
  • Certain Medical Debt
  • and other situations may apply.



Accredited has a long history of helping people with credit card debt reduce their monthly payments through simple consolidation tactics. Discover how you can become debt free with customized options from Accredited.

Will Consolidating My Debt Affect My Credit Score?

Any type of debt will ultimately affect your credit score. Paying off your debts in a more consistent and effective manner can certainly help your credit score once you are signed up for a consolidation program. You might experience a temporary decline in your credit score when. first applying for the consolidation loan but as long as your payments are on time and consistent, then your score will go up further. Figure out if you have too much debt already.




Fidelity Tax Relief can help anyone who has over $10,000 in current debt to the IRS. Learn more on how to become debt free! Discover how you can become debt free with customized options from Fidelity Tax.

No matter what kind of debt you have, it is important that you speak with at least 2-3 different debt consolidation companies before making any decisions towards which partner you will choose to help you get out of debt. Certain circumstances from your own personal debt situation can make a big difference depending on which company you contact for help.

Signing up for a free quote and consultation only takes around 2 minutes, so do yourself a favor and discuss your debt issues with a few of these partners (or others that you prefer) in order to get the best consolidation deal possible.



ClearOne Advantage can help with a variety of different types of debt consolidation but they are best known for their outstanding customer service. Discover how you can become debt free with customized plans and great customer service with ClearOne Advantage