The Best Home Warranty Companies

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  • Flexible pricing options
  • Customized coverage available

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  • One of the largest Home Warranty Providers in the USA
  • Great pricing available

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  • One of the fastest growing in the industry
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Home Warranty Policies can seem kind of confusing at first, but after you consider how much money they can save you in the long-term with fixing or replacing your home appliances, it becomes clear that there are serious advantages to having a home warranty policy in certain situations. 

For example, any homeowner who recently bought a home that came with appliances like a refrigerator, oven, HVAC systems, Washer & Dryer, etc. should absolutely make sure to have a home warranty policy covered by the previous homeowners for at least one year after purchasing the home. This will help protect you from any type of mishaps or undisclosed issues with those appliances. If something does break while you have the home warranty policy, that appliance will be repaired or replaced for a small service fee versus having to buy a whole new device yourself. 

Our team has researched and reviewed several home warranty companies that offer different advantages and types of policies for just about any homeowner’s specific situation. Take a deeper look at a few home warranty brands that we believe have the best plans available.



American Home Shield is one the nation’s largest and most trusted Home Warranty Providers. They have unique policies available where customers have more flexibility on the specific appliances that are covered in the plan.

Pricing: Often start between $500-$600 per year

Length of Contracts: Typically on annual basis with monthly payments

National Coverage: 50 States

Service Fees: Usually between $50-$100 for technician visits

Equipment Costs: Typically, around $599 (Financing available)

Explore options for your home from American Home Shield.

How to Choose the Right Home Warranty Policy for You.

  • Age of Appliances: Consider the age of all of your household appliances to determine the liklihood that they might benefit from additional coverage with a home warranty. If your appliances are over ten years old on average, then you can certainly expect more potential benefits from these types of policies. 
  • Condition of Appliances: Take a good look at the condition of your appliances as well before determining the best home warranty option for your home. If you only have a few appliances that you think might fail you in the next 3-10 years, then you might want to consider certain companies like American Home Shield who offer more flexible coverage plans for specific appliances individually.
  • Contracts: Lastly, make sure to compare the available custom plans from at least 2-3 different home warranty companies before making a final decision. You will find that each company has slightly different programs that include different combinations of appliances that can be covered in the plans. Finding the right plan for you based on appliance-types and overall cost is very important in this process.



Choice Home Warranty has been strong brand in this industry for decades. They offer affordable policies with standard coverage options for almost any homeowner situation.

Pricing: Often starts between $300-$500 per year

Length of Contracts: Typically annual contracts – savings available for annual payments versus monthly installments

National Coverage: 50 States

Service Fees: Usually between $50-$100 for technician visits

Explore options for your home from Choice Home Warranty.



Cinch has been an “up and coming” home warranty provider for many years now and with their competitive pricing and easy signup process, we expect to continue watching them grow for many years to come.

Pricing: Prices are based on individual packages

Length of Contracts: Typically annual contracts

National Coverage: 50 States

Service Fees: Often times between $50-$100 for technician visits

Explore options for your home from Cinch Home Services.

The Types of Appliances Covered by a Home Warranty:

  • Clothes Dryers
  • Clothes Washers
  • Cooktops
  • Dishwashers
  • Ice Makers
  • Microwaves
  • Oven Ranges
  • Exhaust Hoods
  • Refrigerators
  • Trash Compactors
  • Wall Ovens
  • Air Conditioning Systems
  • Central Vacuums
  • Doorbells
  • Electrical Systems
  • Plumbing Systems
  • Garage Door Openers
  • Heating Systems
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Toilets
  • Water Heaters