Fidelity Tax Relief Review

Fidelity Tax Relief is a helpful service for anyone who owes over $10,000 in current or previous tax payments to the IRS…
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Tax-related debt is at an all-time high, and the IRS pursues individuals and businesses who owe payments, with a hefty interest rate. This can be a harrowing situation for anyone.

Fidelity Tax Relief provides the first steps to achieving a debt-free life. Fidelity Tax Relief has helped clients negotiate with the IRS and state tax agencies for more than 40 years, and they offer full transparency of the direct negotiations on your behalf.


Overview of Fidelity Tax Relief Services:

Plans Available:  Offer-in-compromise designations, currently-not-collectible status, installment agreements, penalty abatements and help with wage garnishments, liens and levies on your assets.

Pricing: Fidelity Tax Relief offers a free consultation, upon completion of which, they will tell you your exact service cost depending on your specific circumstances.

    Length of Contracts: Often Multi-Year Contract Lengths

    National Coverage: 50 States

    Debt Minimum: Fidelity Tax Relief accepts clients with $5,000 or more in back taxes.

    Service Fees: Upfront retainer required. Fidelity Tax Relief requires a retainer fee to start working on your case.


      Other Benefits:

      • Both tax attorneys and enrolled agents may represent your case. While Fidelity Tax Relief does have tax attorneys on staff, they also employ enrolled agents to handle less complex cases.
      • Federal and state tax relief. Also provides tax relief services for state tax debt (state availability varies).

      Features: What kind of Services does Fidelity Tax offer?


      Money-Back Guarantee

      Fidelity promises to refund fees paid toward the Investigation Phase in the first 10 days if you do not qualify for the lowest debt solution possible.

      Range of Tax Negotiations

      Fidelity works back taxes, liens, levies and wage garnishments.

      Extraordinary Customer Support

      Superb customer reviews support Fidelity Tax Relief’s goal of transparency and communication.

      How to get Started:

      To sign up for your free consultation, start by clicking here and then when you get to Fidelity’s Website, click “Get Help Now” on the main site. You must complete an online application by providing some basic personal and financial information. This includes the reasons for your debt(s), how much total debt you owe, in which state you reside, your full name, your email, and a contact number. Once you have input this information, Fidelity Tax Relief analyzes it and sends it to their trusted partner firms.  

      Your financial situation will decide the most suitable company for you. Upon completion of your application, you will be put in touch with an IRS Tax Settlement Expert in your area to discuss your options. This consultation is 100% free with no obligation. 

      1. Fidelity Tax Services will reach out within the time frame you specify for your free consultation.
      2. You’ll submit tax documentation for Fidelity to assess for your best path to negotiations.
      3. You agree to Fidelity’s terms and conditions, and a representative takes over mediation on your behalf with the IRS.
      4. Fidelity notifies you throughout the process and after each successful negotiation.


      Things to Consider:


      • Be completely transparent about your debt.
      • Know exactly how much tax debt you owe. It is helpful to have all of your proper documentation on hand during your free consultation.
      • Be prepared to give the reasoning behind your tax debt.

      The Final Call:

      Fidelity Tax Relief advertises savings its clients more than $11 billion in 2018, managing a 98% success rate with the IRS from 2013 to 2014. It boasts bringing on cases it knows it can successfully negotiate — and glowing customer reviews seem to support this.

      Fidelity Tax Relief does require an upfront retainer fee, and beyond that, they are not initially transparent about their total service costs. To learn how much Fidelity’s services will cost you — and how much you might save — you’ll need to contact them directly for more information.

      Fidelity handles tax debts only. If you’re dealing with debt outside of back taxes, consider another debt relief service that best fits your needs.